Reactie Keith Thomas op column Nigel Short


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In het laatste clubblad schreef Nigel Short een column (tevens voor New in Chess) over zijn wedstrijd voor En Passant 1. Abonnee Keith Thomas uit Birmingham liet een reactie weten.

I'd like to make a comment on Nigel Shorts article in the latest edition of your Chess Magazine.

I was dissappointed with Nigel Shorts comments on the so called ‘amateurish' drawing up of the rules. He wasn't preparing for the ‘World Championship,'or as it happened any player of his standing in the game. In addition to which his opponent also didn't have the luxury of knowing who he was playing,so you could argue he had much less of an advantage or no advantage when facing his more illustrious opponent. Therefore the advantage would of clearly been with Nigel Short. So he was in effect making feeble excuses. 


Kindest Regards Keith & Family.

Nigel Short

Nigel Short tijdens EP - KC, Meesterklasse 2013.